A Newly Married Man

Feelings of Being A Married Man. If I talk about how do I feel being a married man? There are many things and happiness is such a huge that it can't be told in the few words. It was a day when I was working in the office and a thought came in my mind … Continue reading A Newly Married Man


Temper Has A Short Time, But If You are Not able To Win Over, It Would Ruin Your Life

That day was very sad, it was started with a silent wake up in the early coldest morning of the week. I went office by bicycle on that foggy day. If something strange happens, it follows the entire day like that only. I only go to the office by motorbike only when I have fast … Continue reading Temper Has A Short Time, But If You are Not able To Win Over, It Would Ruin Your Life

Heal Your Digestive Track

https://static.pexels.com/photos/5317/food-salad-restaurant-person.jpgI had been searching how to heal my digestive system and get rid of the mess of toxins in my intestine.The mess happens when we care nothing about eating.Eating unhealthy foods often damage the tissue of your intestine. And blocked the essential functions of the tissues.Stop eating oily, fried, junk and spicy food.The main healing … Continue reading Heal Your Digestive Track

Infosys Unforgetable Moments In Mysore DC

Infosys Campus Mysore 2013       Everyone felt little sad, and one young lady 'Nilam' she left us in between training and given resignation. There I become good friend with everyone. This pic contain all my batch mate- Bhanvar, Supriya, Nilam, Sapana, Meera, Manish, Varun, Lijo, Ranjeet, Surendra, Jitendra, Humaid, Vandana, Ashrati, Abhijeet, Abida,It was … Continue reading Infosys Unforgetable Moments In Mysore DC