Cage Who Rape or They Must be Murdered?

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I was passing through a shop in the morning, stepping into a very crowded area of India, Railway Station. People remember this place, it does not go into their heart, but straight fit into their head and leave them the imprint of annoyance. Almost all the station in India are not clean, the government needs to notice and provide good hygiene. A waft of fried Pakodas hit my two sniffing holes in the nostril that stopped me right there. It was a local shop on a four-wheeled cart.


I looked at the fresh steaming foods were neatly placed on the pots. Those hungry worker’s sweat who were eating breakfast. I couldn’t stop my tongue from rolling over my dry lips and let my empty gulp passes through the throat to soothe my hungry stomach. I went into the shop. It had a very old shed of tin to save from the afternoon light and rain. Old and dirty chairs were laid randomly, out of ten two were empty. Few were eating fast, others reading the newspaper and the rest waiting for the next train to come.


An old man in his fifties cried, “See that bastard rape a child.” to the next person. The shopkeeper was service my order – To get my order, I had to stand near the counter and take the order. I turned back to the old man. “What government is doing hah? A person next to him nodded. “If I were an authorized person, I would have the order to kill those bastard right away.”


His words lost my interest in the breakfast I had bought. I leaned forward and saw what news he was reading, I was literally shocked when I saw the girl who hardly had turned eight. She was bitten to death after her rape. For a moment, I was feeling my heart heavy, a kind of thrill and suffocated. I kept my plate aside and I closed my eyes looking at the spidery and the rotten roof of the shop.


Modiji now it’s time to change, the way you had to change the currency over the night, change the rule for this also over the night.

I am a father and I can realize how her parents must have gone through. Indian government promote save child girl but now who will save the girl who born strong and fit? as there are no chances of her survival till the end. Both mother and father work in an office, who will take care of them if such incidence keeps happening?


Thousands of question made a room in my empty and fresh brain. I was tasteless and senseless. Without touching my breakfast I wanted to leave this place but when I thought for a while. How many places you will leave like this and why?


There are so many sex workers where they can go and vomit all their strength and power of their manhood. And all we know, I bet woman bits man in sex. They have gigantic power and doing such shameless things in the society they are showing their poorness. Men can’t compete with women that’s all I wanted to say. Was it revenge upon they don’t get it easily or frustration of his wife on someone else or a war between two different religions?


Only God can help on this. But one thing we can do, after all the confirmation and the pieces of evidence of the accused found guilty in the court, they shouldn’t go to the jail, one of the members from victim’s family must kill accused and this should be the law.


I am a father of a daughter, I am not the only one, there are cores and millions of father wants this. For the rape cases, there should be a different treatment than I ever heard.


8 thoughts on “Cage Who Rape or They Must be Murdered?

  1. I never had a daughter, but Son may yet grace me with grandchildren, so if a granddaughter is in my life, none may dare treat her in any rough manner. The same holds true for my grown nieces and little grand-nieces. The boys? They are are being raised to be gentlemen.


    1. This is India, the things are different here… to raise a gentleman in our country will take sometimes, but i am sure we will…


  2. Horrific tale, sir.
    Sadly there are vile people in our world, and no easy way to prevent such ghastly occurrences.
    I am not qualified to decide on their punishment, but it should be sufficiently severe to act as a deterrent.
    Thank you for Following Sound Bite Fiction


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