I Roam in the Airy Zone

animal bee bloom blooming
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I Roam in the Airy Zone

I roam in the airy zone
collect the sweeter of the plant’s womb
travel the distance far from my house
keeping a hope return for my children with the meals
on reaching, Good, my mates feel
every second our queen keep watches
and fight with the enemies when they latch
We have to earn and burn our energy and die
this is the process universally god gifted
Sometimes human not want to kill us
but use us, promote their health, want to be lifted
we are a small insect with greater power
don’t play with us
Got a power to fly
Anywhere we can lay
Die with no shameless face
and our death nobody to investigate and guess
Gives us a space to live on the holy earth
We also want to have a life, home, food and family
Sweet and cute baby like your Rupa, Preeti Megan, and Emily
God has given life not only you, human!
Consider us as part of your mate
We also wanted to be a good life and fate



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