Rape Me with Your Words


person couple love romantic
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

Rape me with your words
My mind is enough to take
Every shot you make
and the work which I will produce will not be fake
For your ink, I will marry you
I permit For the entire life You sue
The great phenomenal together we will write
at every corner with the help of all the night
let it be the whole world fight
until the existence of nip and tip of your pen
living cells of blood in your vein
the strength that pushes us both every night until the end
Rape me with your words

We’ll write a story of our life
till your ink in the pipe
Never will have stop through your tip becomes hard while
Gaining the existence on the earth and on every file
for that, we’ll walk together for miles
tightening the grip of hands
Fly high on Harry Potter’s wand
this will be the lifetime game
We will get a big fame


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