Hello Sky I am Coming to You

silhouette of girl during evening
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Hello Sky, I am coming to you

I want to take swings like nobody does

Watching those beautiful villages

From the top of the height, I could see.

I am a bird lover

I want to know how they fly under the sky cover

How they leap, how they walk

From the farthest distance, they fly in the flock.

Wish to sit on the tip of the airplane

It’s just saying, the feeling is main

In the night beneath the moon shed

Let me feel calm and fresh like spa paid

In the shower of snow, how do you look?

I have never imagined you without blue

Wish strongly to burn my negative thoughts with the sun

Like a person who never comes back after shots with the gun

I want to reach the end of your corner

Wondering how long it will take and a question in my head keep the shake

How much it will be warmer?

Licking the taste of my skin

In the oxygen less zone

And try to hear the sound of human through your airy, wireless phone

Hello Sky…


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